Who is CGR?

Corporate Governance Risk Pty Ltd commenced operations on March 16th 2010. CGR’s vision was to create a software platform of high quality, intuitiveness and simplicity for its users. Thereby allowing companies to motivate its employees into identifying, reporting and mitigating operational and enterprise risk at every level of the organization.

In order to achieve this, CGR works closely with our clients in an atmosphere of trust and transparency, learning about our clients' business while educating, motivating and empowering their staff.

CGR's executives are enthusiastic, experienced and accessible team players who are always on hand to provide assistance, solve problems and make a long-term difference to the way in which their clients manage their business and contribute towards maximising their bottom line

Why us?

Arguably creating goals and objectives and linking these to ‘RISK’ is the most fundamental and important set of disciplines created by any business of any size. This discipline enables an organisation to clearly define its principles and goals, determine how it will address risks and uncertainties, and grow and protect value.

CGRFoundation creates a clear, simple articulation of objectives and methods by which the user can establish and stay within mandatory and voluntary boundaries of conduct whilst meeting organizational goals and objectives. Experience tells us that most organizations have multiple groups responsible for various functions and processes involved in GRC. The groups operate in silos, don’t share information, and have an array of frameworks and systems. The outcome is not only inefficient with major gaps in managing, but also a failure to clearly view organizational risk levels. A clear ‘line of sight’ view is necessary if senior decision makers are to guide the organization and make those vital decisions based on intelligent, complete and accurate data.

CGRFoundation is about eliminating the silos and encouraging coordination at every level of the organization bringing vital evidence in real time directly into the boardroom.