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CGR supports organisations in meeting legal and regulatory compliance obligations. See upcoming licence renewals, near misses, breaches, and control effectiveness. Cover your business from every angle.


CGR Foundation helps manage your business GPDR compliance. We give you everything you need to coordinate your GDPR compliance across all areas of your enterprise. No need to switch between documents, emails and spreadsheets, our software gives you an assured view of your entire GDPR process on one platform, from floorplate to boardroom.


Capture Audit Reports and follow up all Findings with CGRF's reminders and workflows.

Maintain your Key Obligations register, including recurring Licences.

Ensure that your organisation is meeting its Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC) laws, including logging of gifts in a Gift Register.

Manage your compliance with scheduled Audit Plans, showing details for auditor, frequency, and scope.

Consolidate your Legislation & Standard libraries into a central repository, ready to use for self assessments.

Design and develop your own Audits & Inspections checklists using CGRF’s drag and drop interface.

Assess your enterprise controls against linked Performance Standards and Measurement Criteria.

Attach Evidence directly in CGRF, or with a link to your own DMS—to support Findings and Corrective Actions.

Track and monitor Human Resource requirements, including Inductions, Training, and other HR checklists.

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