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CGR Foundation supports your organisation in meeting “zero harm” (no injuries), care and respect for the environment and community, and other important commitments.

Whether you refer to it as:

Or a variety of other acronyms, the outcome is the same: a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health, and welfare of your people and property. Clients rely on CGRF to help track a variety of elements in the workplace and on site.


Give staff control with CGRF Mobile (for iOS or Android) to record information in the office or field.

Empower your team to identify Hazards in the workplace, reducing injuries and fatalities.

Record all the details of an incident end-to-end using Multiple Impact forms and fields.

Use CGRF’s Action tracking to ensure that controls and other items are closed out properly.

Engage your investigations team using the ICAM methodology, or the 5 Whys process, or configure your own.

Inspect your facilities using our Layered Audits & Templates (including ISO audits).

Manage your environmental Obligations, including built-in report templates for major regulatory authorities.

Easily manage Inductions, Training, Return to Work, and other checklist items.

Link Incidents or Business Events back to Risks to improve preventing and mitigating Controls.


CGR Foundation is a web-based platform where clients can input and output risk and related data.

The CGR Foundation mobile app (CGRF Mobile) expands this functionality to allow any hand-held mobile device (including Apple iPhone and Android) to be able to input and output business data.

CGRF Mobile is used for the creation of Hazards, Observations, Actions, and other items. Users can enter items “in the field” immediately via 4G and wireless networks, or they can enter items offline and sync with the wireless network when back in range.

CGRF Mobile is currently deployed to businesses across a broad range of industries. These include Australian private and government clients, multinational bluechips, and resource companies.

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