West Keeble

Who is West Keeble?

West Keeble is a trusted partner in supporting organisations in the development and implementation of safety cases to improve operational capability and confidence. West Keeble was founded by operators and remains committed to its frontline focus while developing its underlying approaches with academia. Our teams provide timely and cost-effective safety advice to government agencies, aerospace companies and multinational organisations. Through correct blending of safety, operations and quality management systems, West Keeble has achieved substantial improvements in their clients’ personnel engagement and output confidence.

West Keeble’s unique approach is due to its team’s capabilities – by employing regulators, engineers, academics and test pilots, who all have expertise in the development of operating safety cases. With these capabilities, West Keeble can test and assess an organisation’s safety processes, needs and requirements to develop fit-for-purpose operating safety cases and attendant management systems.

West Keeble and CGR Together

West Keeble and CGR form a powerful partnership, bringing complementary elements together: the deep experience and understanding of West Keeble’s advice is naturally aligned to the philosophy, quality and simplicity of CGR's software. Together, the combination provides comprehensive safety support that removes unnecessary entanglement and promotes safety thinking. This focus allows dynamic exploitation of a client’s internal operations knowledge to inform, challenge and assure. The result offers a ready and intuitive solution, allowing clients to accelerate and take ownership of their safety thinking.

The West Keeble safety case architecture helps clients present and access their argument for operations safety through a clear claim-argument-evidence amework aligned with safety case good practice. The safety case is provided within CGR’s live and collaborative software picture, which avoids common safety case pitfalls by design. This direct and live safety case collaboration and support avoids static containment and unnecessary standalone reports. The predictive safety case is therefore kept alive: fully informed by emerging intelligence from near-misses, incidents and compliance assessment.

West Keeble and CGR together enable organisations to gain confidence and demonstrate, efficiently, that systems are safely capable - during procurement, entry into service and operational delivery.