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Risks to business objectives exist at every level of an organisation.

These organisations rely on a few business functions to identify and manage these risks. CGR provides a single software platform that links assurance, audit, compliance, safety, and risk to form a single picture.

Our Solutions

Adaptable software giving you confidence in decisions and actions, creating a culture rooted in clarity and collaboration. It grows with you.



Identify and actively manage risks in any business area. See them visually as Bowties and assign controls with budgets, ensuring accountability through ownership and action.

Compliance check


Create and maintain compliance obligations against any policy or regulation. Manage non-compliances to closure, integrate with Risks, Controls, and Compliance Breaches.



Create audit templates and work papers. Use them to plan, schedule, and run your entire internal audit program. Easily add findings  and corrective actions, and track them to completion.


Manage performance against any ESG framework, and maintain data against any ESG standard. Control open access, and disclose with confidence.


Tailor our Safety Management System with Hazard analysis supported by ObservationsNear-missesIncident Investigation and Learning – with live reporting via the mobile app.


Create a live ISO9001 platform linking feedback, audits, findings and learnings – all supported with actions for continuous improvement. Let your auditors in to see for themselves!

Rest assured, when you include us in your tender process, you’re partnering with a company that is always ‘tender ready‘ and experienced in delivering successful outcomes.


What People Are Saying about CGR

“CGR has reached into my head and pulled out all the ideal things I’d want in a system. It makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.”

— Simon Zoller, Drilling Manager

“One thing I liked was their excellent customer service, their team responds in a very timely manner.”

— Steve Jones, Health & Safety Operations Manager

“I am extremely appreciative to CGR for assisting us to be more effective, efficient and engaging in the management of risk across the organisation.”

— Deborah Billingham, Manager Strategy & Risk

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For over a decade, CGR has gathered insights and feedback from Risk Professionals in Australia and around the world, driving continuous improvement.

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