Quality Management

Use CGR Foundation to build an integrated quality management system tailored to your business processes, the clients you serve and the service you provide.

  • Tailor the system to the structure and lifecycle of your quality audit and findings – get rid of spreadsheets, and gain clarity and efficiency.
  • Capture client feedback in the system with a survey module and integrate the results in your Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
  • Access the audit history of every record and action at the click of a button, and see what was done when and by whom.
  • Build clear and simple quality management dashboards that provide a live and interactive view for your quality team and executives.
  • Invite your ISO9001 auditors into the system to see for themselves – show them the clarity that the system brings you.

CGR Foundation is an ideal platform to host your quality management system for ISO9001 certification

Audit Structure

Audit frameworks can be quickly tailored by client users to any policy or framework.  Section formats can be individually structured or copied as required.   Individual section lines can be completed and tagged with findings and actions as required. 

Audit Schedule

The overall audit can be locked as a template and cloned as many times as required across the business for consistency.  The resulting audits can be assigned and scheduled, with notifications set for them to be activated at the right time.  This allows an audit campaign to be straightforwardly built and managed.  Furthermore, once created the audit can be executed using the CGRF Mobile App.


Findings can be tailored in format and workflow to your specific processes for non-compliance and non-conformance.   As with all records, they can be assigned to accountable owners, and full history is immediately available.  Owners can assign actions as required to resolve and close the findings.  

Integrate with Feedback and Learnings for live Quality picture

Key Features

Collaborative Access

Invite your auditors in. Get them to review performance and raise findings directly in your system. This streamlines the whole process and is ideal for remote working.


Access your audits from the mobile app – capture results and upload pictures from your mobile device, raise a finding or action against any line, work offline when necessary.


Feedback from your clients, and the performance of your suppliers, are essential to Quality Management. Use the survey module for both managing and integrating results.

Go Further

Group sections to manage complex audits, lock sections to manage progress, use the summary table for quick review, and build your quality picture in clear, simple dashboards.

And more with standard features

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“Eighty five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering the employee to do better.”

— W Edwards Deming

CGR Foundation is ideally suited for tailoring your own quality system around the requirements of ISO9001. Capture your exact processes for audits, findings, feedback, learnings, risks and actions. In place of spreadsheets, a live quality picture emerges which you can share with stakeholders and auditors.

CGR Foundation is the ideal platform for you to achieve and maintain your ISO9001 certification.

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