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Streamline Audit and Finding management.

Optimize your process with our powerful and scalable Audit Management Software. High efficiency, risk mitigation, and effortless auditing in one unified solution.

Over a decade of feedback from audit experts. Enhance your audit processes with CGR Foundation software.

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Audit Management Software made for all industries

CGR Foundation helps you manage your auditing process more effectively.

Get away from time-consuming and difficult follow-up activities.

Is your organisation using dated processes to manage your complete auditing cycle? There is a better way.

CGR Foundation provides a secure online solution to help any business or organisation plan, perform, and report on audits and findings with an easy-to-use interface.

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What our Audit Software does

Identify risks and take control

Connect your audit programs with your risk management processes using a single audit software. This integration allows you to make informed decisions that are risk-aware and can directly influence your audit activities.

Some of the most common auditing challenges

  • High workload due to several manual processes
  • Data integrity issues
  • Lack of coordination and collaboration
  • Lack of transparency and audit trail
  • Limited visibility and control over audit activities
  • Limited analysis and reporting capabilities

Related Industries

Corporate Governance Risk has been involved with multiple industries for over a decade.

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Audit and findings management software

Manage your Audit universe

Streamline your assessment and verification process

Take advantage of CGR Foundation‘s automated workflows to elevate accountability and transparency when addressing any issues uncovered during your auditing programs.

Leverage the seamless integration with CGR Foundation’s Risk Management Module to perform your second-line assurance audits. Thus sending live feedback to risk and control owners when their controls are assessed against performance expectations.

Creating a new audit project for your organization has never been easier. You can now use your library of templated audit programs to ensure consistent work programs and streamline methodology. With a few clicks, you can clone partial or entire audits to create new or recurring audit plans, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. Say goodbye to inconsistent work programs and hello to a more efficient and effective audit process.

Get the insights you need to make smart decisions about risks, resources, audits, and more – all in real time! With easy-to-read reports and dashboards, you can keep tabs on your audit plan progress, stay up-to-date on important findings, and keep track of your action plans. It’s the smart way to stay on top of everything!

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Audit tool for a better audit and finding management

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Simplify your Audit processes

Our Software helps you get the job done

Audit Software-Findings Software

Simple Audit Software

Manage audits more effectively with CGR Foundation

Audit Management made easy

Efficient Finding Management and Reporting

Our system offers a streamlined solution to improve efficiency in findings management and report creation. You’ll be able to identify and create issues easily during testing and promptly assign action plan owners while automating follow-up. Keep track of open issues and monitor progress in real-time, allowing you to generate management-ready reports without hassle.

Customised Dashboards/Reporting

Create unlimited dashboards to help you save time and focus on what’s important. Display any data instantly to increase your auditing program’s efficiency.

Audit Action Progress

It is important to actively monitor and control the actions that were identified during the audit process. By utilizing the live updates and notifications available in CGR Foundation, costly mistakes made by individuals or organizations can be prevented.


Need to track your audit actions?

Our software does exactly that! CGR Foundation removes the barriers to tracking progress with its simple and elegant interface.

Workflow, escalation and dashboard reporting

Workflows and Escalations

Actively track and manage anything identified through the audit process using the application workflows and notifications that can adapt to your processes.

Timely and customisable notifications

Set up the notifications that your organisation needs following your workflows and processes.

And more with standard features

Need to complete audits with mobile?

Complete audits and inspections from anywhere!

CGR Foundation App

The perfect companion for audit management

Complete surveys, audits, inspections, and create findings with our powerful app.

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  • On-site audits made easy
  • Report findings
  • Seamless online/offline access for uninterrupted usability
  • Robust and secure encryption
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Audit Management Software Module

Audit management software provides a comprehensive solution to plan, conduct, monitor, and report on audits. It is widely used in various industries to automate and streamline the audit process, thereby improving efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Audit management software automates the process of planning, scheduling, executing, tracking, and reporting audits. It helps ensure that audits are conducted according to established standards and regulations, enhances collaboration among audit teams, provides real-time insights through dashboards and reporting tools, and often includes risk assessment and document management features.

Audit management software is designed to align with specific industry regulations and standards, allowing organizations to conduct audits that adhere to relevant legal and compliance requirements. Features like automated checklists, the ability to create templates, and regulatory updates help ensure that audits are conducted in line with the latest compliance needs.

Incorporating audit management software into your processes can yield numerous advantages compared to manual methods. This technology can enhance efficiency, precision, and consistency. Automating tasks requires less time and energy to plan and execute audits, reducing the likelihood of human mistakes and promoting a standardized approach. Additionally, real-time reporting and analytics provide deeper insights, while collaboration tools enhance coordination amongst audit teams. Furthermore, digital record-keeping streamlines document management and retrieval for greater ease and organization.

Security is of utmost importance when selecting audit management software. Sensitive information is often handled during audits, making it imperative to choose a solution that provides robust security measures such as authentication, access controls, and encryption. It is vital to review any software’s specific security features and certifications before deciding if it is suitable for your organization to safeguard data integrity and confidentiality.