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Environment, Social, and Governance

Managing ESG is no longer a choice but a strategic imperative for businesses seeking long-term success and resilience in an evolving global landscape.

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Why manage ESG?

In today’s modern business landscape, the significance of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) matters cannot be underestimated. They can potentially develop into material risks impacting a company’s operations and bottom line. Proactively managing your ESG responsibilities and mitigating these risks enhances performance and enables informed decision-making.

Governments, investors, employees, and supply chain partners are showing a growing interest in evaluating your business’s performance across these three areas. By proactively addressing ESG, you safeguard your business’s reputation and foster stronger relationships with stakeholders who prioritise a sustainable future and responsible business practices.

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ESG Software to help you manage Environment, Social and Governance

ESG excellence: path to success

Common ESG Frameworks and Standards

The GRI Standards represent global best practices for reporting publicly on a range of economic, environmental and social impacts. Sustainability reporting based on the Standards provides information about an organization’s positive or negative contributions to sustainable development.

The SASB Standards serve as a comprehensive framework that facilitates the disclosure of financially material sustainability information from companies to their investors. Designed for 77 industries, these Standards play a vital role in identifying the specific subset of environmental, social, and governance issues that hold the greatest relevance to the financial performance of each industry.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) created the TCFD to develop recommendations on the types of information companies should disclose to support investors, lenders, and insurance underwriters to assess risks related to climate change.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals forming an urgent call for action by all countries to achieve peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.

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How can we support your organisation’s ESG journey?

CGR Foundation provides the building blocks for successfully implementing your ESG Strategy with automated processes, workflows, and data confidence & integrity.

ESG Software for all industries

Integrated ESG software

A simple and effective approach for your ESG Management

ESG Standards and Assessments

ESG Standards and Assessments

Use CGR Foundation to manage the requirements of any ESG standards, including TCFD, SASB, GRI, and the latest ISSB Draft – creating the required format, then generating and assigning findings and actions with a permanent progress audit trail.  This live picture can be shared with external stakeholders, such as consultants and auditors, whose input (and your response) will form part of your performance history.

ESG Risk Management

You can use CGR Foundation to manage ESG-related risks and link them to objectives – a core requirement of TCFD. The bow tie approach allows you and your stakeholders to identify potential ‘unwanted’ ESG-related events, and to understand the status of controls that can help prevent them or reduce their impact.

Manage your ESG Risks with bowties
ESG Reports and Dashboards

ESG Dashboards

You can bring your ESG data into a dashboard allowing instant access to your live ESG performance picture. The laser focus on actions and accountability will help you manage progress to achieving your ESG objectives.

“Companies that are effective at integrating ESG targets into their strategy are proving to be those that were already well-run and performant.”

Key Features

Collaborative Access

Control open access for your stakeholders – whether consultant, auditor or investor. Let their contribution be part of your digital performance history.

Performance History

Your performance history is a valuable long-term commodity for ‘green finance’. Build an integrated record of your progress with instant access at any stage.

Agile Governance

The ESG picture is rapidly evolving. CGR Foundation allows you to adapt quickly to any ESG standard or framework and integrate with your wider governance picture.

Go Further

Use surveys to understand ESG performance in your supply chain and build customised export reports in PDF or Excel to present or transfer data.

And more with standard features

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“We know that climate risk is investment risk. But we also believe that climate transition presents an historic investment opportunity.”

— Larry Fink, BlackRock Chairman and CEO, Open Letter to CEOs 2021

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