Don’t pay extra for the essentials. Here are just some of the features you will receive as standard with CGR Foundation.

Configurable Workflows

Every business has its own way to manage processes. You can leverage CGR Foundation’s workflow, or change it to fit your requirements.

User Dashboards

Use the existing CGR Foundation dashboard options or build your own and get instant insights about your organisation’s data.

User Defined Form Fields

CGR Foundation administrators can define as many fields as required to capture information and manage your data.

Email Notifications

Generate notifications out of CGR Foundation based on your business rules, and process workflow.


Create templates that can be used to simplify the creation process for any record type in CGR Foundation.

Single Sign On

Leverage your organisation’s one set of login credentials and use it to access CGR Foundation seamlessly.


Leverage our API to coordinate your data across applications within your organisation. Or make use of our existing LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance integration.

Triggered Events

Sometimes you will need to notify someone when an event happens, maybe it will need to escalate. Use triggered events to drive your specific flows of information.

Groups and Teams

Ensure that your team has access to the correct information in the business by setting up registers and access control groups.

Go a step further

Configure and expand the capabilities for each module in CGR Foundation and tailor it to your organisational needs. Change workflows, fields, and forms, and add notifications with your own Administrator account.