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Governance, Risk, and Compliance Software used by Federal, State, and Local government agencies.

With over a decade of feedback from GRC professionals, our governance, risk, and compliance management software meets any organisation’s evolving needs.

ISO 27001-Information Security-CGR
Cyber Essentials Certified CGR

Risk, Audit and Compliance Management platform ready for government organisations.

CGR Foundation is a powerful Risk, Audit, and Compliance management software that can adapt to an organisation’s unique needs. Our user-friendly platform is designed with simplicity at its core to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • Single Sign On.
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
  • Data sovereignty and Privacy.
  • Audit trail and reporting.

Trusted by GRC Professionals

Benefit from years of feedback and improvement and quickly identify risks that could impact your organisation’s objectives, projects, or overall performance.

Common Problems Solved by CGR

For the Government and Public Sector


CGR assists some of the world’s largest government agencies with their daily risk, compliance, and audit management.

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With years of feedback from government risk, compliance, and audit management teams, our software provides effective solutions tailored for Government and Public Sector governance.

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High Configurability

CGR is a versatile solution designed to assist government and public sector organisations in tracking and managing governance effectively. With a plethora of options and limitless custom fields, CGR ensures that there are no constraints on your risk management tracking capabilities.

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Gain instant access to all your controls

Are you seeking a quick and straightforward method to pinpoint controls needing urgent attention?

CGR accomplishes just that! Quickly access your controls and contribute to the sustained improvement of your government organisation.

Make the right decision fast, enhance proactivity

CGR provides a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your governance to its proactive best.

With clickable charts, get quick access and complete the actions that require immediate attention.

Risk Actions for government organisations
Assign action and track accountability

Accountability Tracking: Monitor Actions per Assignee

Effortlessly track accountability with CGR, and assign actions within your government organisation.

With CGR, stay in control and drive your organisation towards optimal performance.

Government agencies and public sector

Benefits of using CGR

A Proactive Approach to Software

Contrary to the norm, our software is a testament to rapid, efficient implementation. We understand that time is precious in today’s dynamic business world. Therefore, we have streamlined our process and invested a lot of time into simplifying our administration interface to ensure that our software can be set up swiftly.

Our speed of implementation does not compromise the quality or detail of the services we deliver; instead, it reflects our focus on providing immediate and tangible benefits.

CGR complies with data privacy regulations, including GDPR, the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and Canada’s PIPEDA.

The customer data is kept for the life of the agreement in the application and can always be accessed by the customer-authorised personnel.

CGR Foundation has been designed with the end user in mind by end users. We are constantly receiving feedback from our customers and mapping them into our roadmap for implementation. Some of our most important features have been in fact, requested by our customers over the years.

This speeds up the onboarding process and increases adoption rates. Users can also at any time access the CGR manual which includes short videos demonstrating the software.

CGR Foundation retains an audit trail for all changes made to a record in the software.

How do we implement the software?

Swift implementation for government organisations

Our software has been developed to allow CGR to implement it without taking your valuable time. We work from your risk, compliance, and audit framework and existing data to set the application for you.

We will run collaborative workshops to refine the configuration before moving to the data import phase.

Data Import

CGR Foundation allows you to import your data via the administration interface. Alternatively, CGR can import the data for you. In either case, you do not need to worry about re-creating the data in the software.

Training and Go-Live

Once the data is imported, the application is ready to go live. At this stage, CGR will run the application champion (usually the administrators) training covering all day-to-day use and administrative functions. This is followed by the go-live date.


Integration with the CGR API

Connect CGR with your internal tools using our powerful API.

Get in touch with us if you need more information about our API.

What happens after Go-Live?

We are here for you.

CGR’s premium service continues post-go-live, and you can always count on us as your government organisation evolves and the software is required to change.

Maintenance and Upgrades.

CGR will take care of all maintenance and software upgrades so you can focus on what is important.


CGR welcomes all feedback, and your feedback helps shape what the software will look like in the future.


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  • Over a decade of feedback from risk professionals
  • Highly scalable & configurable
  • Enterprise-grade security


Common questions about our GRC software solutions for Government

CGR software provides a centralised platform for streamlined risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. It enhances transparency, accountability, and efficiency in risk management processes tailored to the unique needs of government agencies or organisations.

Yes, our risk management software is designed to meet and exceed government regulatory requirements and standards. We prioritise compliance to ensure the security and integrity of government data. For more information about your specific government organisation’s requirements and needs, please get in touch with us.

Our software includes features such as customisable risk workflows, real-time monitoring, and reporting tools to cater to the specific needs of government organisations. It ensures compliance with regulatory standards through robust functionality.

With unlimited custom fields, you can capture data that really matters to your organisation.

For more information about our API, please get in touch with one of our teams.

Security is important. CGR software employs robust encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive government information. We adhere to high standards of data security and privacy.

Yes, our software is designed to handle complex decision-making structures. It supports multi-tiered approval processes, ensuring that risk-related decisions align with the hierarchical nature of government organisations.

Scalability is a priority for us. Our software is designed to scale with the evolving needs of government organisations. Whether expanding operations or adapting to new challenges, our software grows with you.