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Risk Software used by Private & Public Companies and Government Agencies.

With over a decade of feedback from risk professionals, our software for risk management excels in meeting any enterprise’s evolving needs.

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Risk Management platform made for all industries

CGR Foundation is a powerful risk management software designed to assist all types of organisations in identifying, assessing, and managing risks in various areas of their operations.

  • ISO27001 Certified
  • Single Sign On
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Proactive Approach

Manage risks more effectively with a simple yet streamlined interface to understand and mitigate risks faster at every level.

Trusted by Risk Professionals

Benefit from years of feedback and improvement and quickly identify risks that could impact your organisation’s objectives, projects, or overall performance.

Capture any data for your risk management

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk appetite
  • Risk identification
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk response
  • Risk monitoring
  • Risk register
  • Risk tolerance
  • Controls
  • Residual risk
  • Inherent risk
  • And more…

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Risk Management Workflow

Risk Management

A Proactive Approach

CGR Foundation helps users identify and document potential risks by providing a simple interface to make risk management easy to implement.

Evaluate the likelihood and impact of identified risks using your risk framework. CGR Foundation allows you to set up your own risk matrices, and it follows your organisation’s workflows.

What makes CGR Foundation the tool of choice for Risk Managers is the ability to assist in developing risk mitigation strategies and control measures to minimize the likelihood or impact of risks. Implement your risk controls and monitor their effectiveness fast.

Track and monitor risks over time, with real-time dashboards. Visualise at a glance updates on risk status, changes, or emerging risks. Generate on-demand reports for management or stakeholders to review and make informed decisions.

CGR Foundation includes top-of-the-line features to ensure compliance with industry regulations or standards. Keep your organisation in line with legal requirements with our LexisNexis integration.

Collaborate with teams within your organisation. CGR Foundation allows you to add users and assign permissions.


Industries that trust CGR Foundation

Corporate Governance Risk has been involved with multiple industries for over a decade.

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Streamline Risk Management Across Multiple Industries


CGR Foundation is widely used for risk management by construction companies in Australia and worldwide. With a simple and powerful integration into our safety management system, construction companies can manage everything within one software solution.

Risk Management Software for the Construction Industry

Government and Public Sector

Our Risk Software has been used for over a decade by Australian and International government agencies.

Risk for Government and Public Sector

Infrastructure and Utilities

Organisations in the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors use CGR Foundation to manage risks and provide assurance on critical controls on a daily basis.



Risk management is essential in the Healthcare industry to protect patient safety and ensure regulatory compliance. All of that can be done with CGR Foundation!

Risk Management Software for Healthcare


Mining is a high-risk industry. Leading mining companies use CGR Foundation to manage their risks more effectively.

Risk Management tool for mining

Professional Services

CGR Foundation is the perfect tool for law firms, financial institutions, and all professional services that need risk management.

Risk Management Software for Professional Services


Risk management plays a crucial role in the transportation industry. CGR Foundation has proudly been used by transportation companies and organisations.

Risk Management Software for the Transportation Industry

Still using spreadsheets for your Risk Management?

Risk Management tool designed for all Risk Managers

Risk Management with Excel Spreadsheets to CGR Foundation Software

CGR Foundation is the perfect Risk Management tool for your everyday risk management.

Manage different risks in different ways. Connect them to each other, and to your objectives. Focus on accountability with your stakeholders – for ownership, performance and action.

Risk Management Software that suits your organisation's processes

Risk management is about achieving objectives, managing your controls and their effectiveness

  • Control user access to your live risk registers.
  • Link risks and controls to audits, incidents, compliance, and ESG.
  • Tailor your workflows, escalations, and email notifications to suit your processes.
  • Rate your risks against one or more consequence categories.

Leading Risk Software

Over a decade of expert feedback from Risk Management Professionals

Risk Software Dashboard-CGR

Enterprise and Operational Risk Registers

CGR Foundation is a Risk Software that allows you to analyse your risks in a way that everybody can see and understand. It clearly shows the golden thread from business objectives, through the risks and opportunities affecting them, to controls, actions and audit/verification.

CGR Foundation allows your organisation to follow the ISO 31000 Risk Management from start to end.

Risk Matrix

CGR Foundation offers you the flexibility to craft custom risk matrices tailored to the unique needs of your organisation. Whether you want to focus on particular categories of risks, adjust the severity of consequences, or fine-tune the likelihood assessments.

Monitor your individual business goals and challenges more efficiently with CGR Foundation.

Custom Risk Matrix

Unlimited Risk Registers

Increase the efficiency of risk management with unlimited registers that can be easily consolidated into one view.

Simple Risk or Risk Bowtie

Start with a simple risk management approach or leverage the power behind a Bowtie risk analysis. It is designed for wide use and collective awareness – not a static picture for a small minority. 

Controls can be assigned owners, marked as critical, rated for effectiveness, or audited in the application as part of your assurance programs.

Drag and Drop elements in your risk bowtie

Drag and drop causes, preventive controls, mitigating controls, and consequences in seconds.

Risk bowtie left-wing-Causes and preventive controls
Risk Bowtie
Risk Bowtie right-wing-Mitigating controls and consequences

What is a Risk Bowtie?

A Risk Bowtie is a visual risk management tool that is commonly used in industries such as safety, engineering, and environmental management to assess, communicate, and manage risks. It is particularly effective for understanding and addressing potential hazards and their associated consequences. The Risk Bowtie diagram takes its name from its shape, resembling a bowtie, where the “knot” in the middle represents the hazard, the “left-wing” represents the causes and controls leading to the hazard, and the “right-wing” represents the potential consequences and their mitigation.

Why use a risk bowtie?

A Risk Bowtie provides a clear, quick and comprehensive view of risk under a specific scenario. With its visual representation of causes, consequences and controls associated with the risk, a risk bowtie is a great tool that is often used in high-risk industries.

Datagrid Risk Management Software-CGR

Quick entry

You can show selected risks in a spreadsheet-type view (Datagrid) for easy comparison and direct editing across multiple risk types. This view goes beyond the primary data as you’d expect in a spreadsheet cell and includes our whole capability – including risk matrices and even the Bowtie view!

CGR Datagrid allows you to retain the benefit you get from the integrated relationships and links in the system.

Edit risks faster with Datagrid

Datagrid allow you to add, edit and update any risk with an easy-to-use interface. This is the perfect tool for quick risk implementation.

Key Features to help you Manage Risks Better

Control Assurance

Perform first, second, and third-line assurance within the software and provide instant feedback to risk and control owners.


Don’t just analyse risk – manage it! Assign live actions to users for risks or controls, giving you a real-time picture of accountability.

Control Libraries

Ensure consistent use of controls across your risks. See where they are used and how they perform to focus your attention and resources.

Tailored Matrices

Risk impact can be wide-ranging. Customise matrices for all your risk types, allowing you to assess against multiple severity categories.

And more with standard features

Build custom Workflows for your organisation

CGR Foundation provides powerful features and highly configurable options

Follow your company’s process

  • Create workflow statuses
  • Define data fields
  • Set recipients for notifications
  • Lock items when required

Create transitions

  • Create custom transitions
  • Set any level of approval
  • Involve users and teams
  • Add conditions and confirmations

Enhance your workflow with automation

  • Create your own custom triggers
  • Add conditions and effects
  • Send notifications to stakeholders
  • Set recurring reminders

Configure scheduled email notifications

  • Schedule emails anytime
  • Customise email notifications
  • Define email recipients
  • Send a digest email notification

What risk professionals say about us

I am extremely appreciative to CGR for assisting us to be more effective, efficient and engaging in the management of risk across the organisation.”

-Deborah Billingham, Manager Strategy & Risk

Industries that use our Risk Software

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“Too large a proportion of recent ‘mathematical’ economics are mere concoctions, as imprecise as the initial assumptions they rest on, which allow the author to lose sight of the complexities and interdependencies of the real world.”

John Maynard Keynes, ‘General Theory’, 1936

Written 85 years ago, this still applies to business crises and safety accidents. Quantitative risk metrics have utility but only as part of a wider risk intelligence picture that supports your judgment. CGR Foundation gives you that picture to let you manage the ‘so what’: actions, performance and objectives.


Everything you need to know about our Risk Management Software

Risk management software is a tool that helps organisations identify, assess, and manage risks. It can be used to track risks across the organisation’s strategic, financial, operational, reputational and more areas.

A Risk management software (system) is often selected by organisations that currently use spreadsheets for their risk management process. Risk software allows more flexibility and better collaboration with teams, groups and roles that can be assigned to anyone.

Are you looking to move your risk management process from spreadsheets to risk software?

CGR Foundation allows you to import your risks from Excel spreadsheets easily.

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Benefits of using risk management software

  • Increase the visibility of your risks: Risk management software helps organisations better visualise and understand the risks to their objectives. It can help make more informed decisions about mitigating or accepting those risks.
  • Improve your risk management processes: with risk management software, you can improve your risk management processes. With it, you can have a more proactive approach and manage risks more effectively.
  • Reduce risk exposure: improve financial performance and create a more secure operating environment with the right risk software.
  • Automate your risk and create customised workflows: automate your risk management, and enhance your risk identification, assessment, and monitoring. The right risk management tool will help you save time and resources.
  • Centralise your risks on one platform: no more floating spreadsheets. Risk software makes it easier for stakeholders to access and understand risk information. It also helps to keep risk up to date.
  • Better reporting: looking for custom dashboards for your risk? Risk software can do that!

It is a simple, easy-to-use software that can be customised to your organisation’s risk framework and process. It is based on ten (10) years of feedback from cross-industry risk professionals.

What’s included with the CGR Foundation risk software?

  • Custom workflows and notifications
  • Simple risk bowtie
  • Assess risks based on your risk matrix
  • Ready to go board risk dashboard
  • Risk trend report
  • Data importer from Excel
  • Quick data entry pages
  • Custom dashboards
  • Unlimited Risks
  • Unlimited controls
  • Unlimited Actions
  • Unlimited Registers
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Group and Role Management
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Robust Security backed by AWS

Yes, with our Risk Management Software, you get CGR support from experienced team members.

It is a tool to identify, assess, and track potential risks and opportunities against an organisation’s objectives. It typically contains the following information:

  • Risks: Each risk is identified and described in detail with its causes and consequences.
  • Risk Ratings: Each risk is assessed based on likelihood and consequence (impact) to help prioritize them and determine their required attention level.
  • Risk Owners: Each risk is assigned to a specific individual or team. This ensures accountability and facilitates effective risk response.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Treatment actions and controls that aim to reduce risks’ likelihood and/or impact.
  • Risk Reviews: The risk register needs to be continuously monitored and reviewed to ensure that emerging risks are identified and that existing risks are managed effectively.

Risk management is the systematic process of identifying, assessing, mitigating, transferring and monitoring potential risks that could impact a company or organisation’s objectives. It’s about getting a clear vision of uncertainties that could affect the achievement of goals. Risks are often related to financial performance, strategic, reputation, IT and more.

Why should you use CGR for your risk management? With a clear risk management process and effective reporting, you allow your organisation to allocate resources wisely, and respond proactively to unforeseen events.

CGR can help you get one-click comprehensive simple or complex reports, so you can spend more time getting things done, and less time managing your processes.