Professional Services

CGR Foundation is used by Professional Services companies as a collaborative platform for delivery of managed services to their clients

  • CGR Foundation is enabling standardisation of service delivery through rapid tailoring of processes from initial contact through to delivery/certification.
  • The CGR Foundation platform can be white-labelled, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into a service provider’s managed service package.
  • The enhanced digital way of working it provides is more efficient, allowing readily accessible oversight at any stage with minimal disruption and easy revisit.

Auditing and Certification

CGR Foundation is used by a major professional services company to manage certification of its own clients to International Standards. The company’s existing processes, from initial contact and survey through management of client non-conformances to eventual certification were all tailored in CGR Foundation. CGR Foundation hosts the whole process, including issue of the final certificate, in a system that expedites finding and action management in a collaborative digital environment optimised for distributed and remote working arrangements.


Global legal organisations are using CGR Foundation to manage risks across boundaries, establishing a standard approach to managing uncertainty. Lessons learned from different jurisdictions are shared and implemented to support risk mitigation activities.