CGR Foundation supports shipping, port authorities, rail networks and airborne emergency and transport services.

Key Functionality

Marine and Shipping

We are able to surprise clients with the agility of our software and approach. We recently enabled a client to track a complex, interconnected, evolving set of Covid-related rules from multiple international regulators, then monitor performance and integrate with risks.

Road & Rail

The use of CGR Foundation covers the widest breadth of enterprise scope. From the management of compliance with government regulation to strategic project and safety risks to management of HSE and cyber security, the flexibility of CGR Foundation is being fully exploited. It simultaneously provides a clear top-down view of accountability focused on the senior executive level and the means to analyse and manage complex technical safety risks.


CGR Foundation enables an integrated approach. For instance, a client that was considering the investment in a system for static visual risk analysis found itself able to go so much further with CGR Foundation. Static analysis was turned into a live Bowtie picture supported by dynamic action management, near-miss and incident reporting, audit capability for its Safety Management System, and the ability to track deviations from maintenance and operating standards.

Transportation Infrastructure

Alongside the sorts of use cases identified above, we have integrated an anonymous reporting capability into the Safety Management System provided for a port authority. This encourages the workforce to flag safety concerns for attention and action.