CGR Foundation is used across a range of global construction industries to support management of safety and project risks. The ease of use of CGR Foundation, with a mobile app for on-site review and reporting, make it an ideal system for this sector.

  • Risk management capability supports project and safety objectives, with the Bowtie approach making control ownership clear for all stakeholders.
  • Incident and safety capability enables rapid reporting and response to any incidents, with on-site safety monitoring and observations via the mobile app.
  • Quality management capability supports relationships between CGR users and their own clients, building trust through transparent responses and learnings.


CGR Foundation is being used by a major engineering services firm to support delivery of a government support contract. It has enabled a more collaborative approach to risk and hazard management, as well as increased clarity and efficiency in HSE and Quality Management through transition from legacy spreadsheets to a live system.


CGR Foundation has been adopted by a global construction company. It is enabling increased consistency in their approach to risk management across a widely distributed range of operations and sites. It is also enabling increased focus on action, bringing controls to life from static text in a spreadsheet cell to a live system that links action status, controls and risk.