Energy & Infrastructure

Manage your operation’s risk, compliance,
and safety with confidence.

Companies in this sector use CGR Foundation to manage compliance obligations with regulation. Linking compliance with risks, controls, and assurance programs.

Key Functionality

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

CGR Foundation was adopted to provide assurance across multiple stakeholders in complex offshore (and onshore) projects, supporting progress through FID to operations. In particular, the risk bowtie approach, with a clear and simple visual presentation, was used extensively to deliver clarity and accountability for MAEs (Major Accident Events).

Energy Infrastructure

Companies owning pipelines and power generation use CGR Foundation to manage their control assurance, compliance obligations, and safety events. Such events are linked to their enterprise risks, thus providing a critical feedback loop for managing controls.


CGR is being used to achieve objectives by managing risk and opportunity in the transition to renewables and making better decisions about their investment.