CGR Foundation includes many configurable features that are available across the system.

CGR Foundation’s Cloning and Templates functionality minimises data entry, and maximises efficiency, so you can spend time on the important stuff.

Configure Workflows to match the approval and escalation processes of your organisation.

Create triggers for immediate Escalation above a threshold. Useful for instantly notifying response teams via email to a high consequence incident.

CGRF’s Tailored Reporting provides visually-rich, insightful, and printable templates for any module in the system.

Export standards-compliant data from anywhere in the platform: it belongs to you, so you can extract it whenever you need.

Set up simple roles (user, admin), or use our high resolution Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to define any access rights for any user.

Receive real time Notifications & Reminders to your inbox (and on your dashboard) — without the noise of other systems.

Attach directly to the CGRF platform. Or add a Link to a document your organisation's document management system.

CGRF is already available in multiple Languages, so you can use it in your businesses around the world.

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