Metals and Mining

Manage your mining operation’s
risk, compliance, and safety
with confidence.

CGR Foundation’s use in this sector spans hundreds of assets across six continents and some of the largest global mining enterprises.

Key Functionality

Tailings Storage

One client required help to bring Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) information out of spreadsheets into CGR Foundation to enhance management and confidence in data disclosure – critical given increased industry-wide investor scrutiny. Within 3 months CGR built, tested and deployed two new modules, imported a significant quantity of data, and delivered a range of reports and dashboards. There is now a single live and integrated picture of TSF assets, upgrade projects and audit findings.

Mines and Smelters

CGR Foundation is used operationally to host safety management systems down to the asset level. This includes rigorous testing and verification of controls, the conduct of safety observations, management of safety checklists and the capture and management of incidents and near-miss events. System flexibility allows risk matrices to be tailored to operating levels which can then be mapped to higher-level corporate assessments.

Corporate Oversight

CGR Foundation supports effective corporate oversight in a number of ways. It ensures safety processes and assessment across regions and assets, providing an aggregated enterprise view through live dashboards.

It supports reporting and disclosure by allowing controlled review and approval of critical datasets with an entire audit history at different tiers. It enables centralised oversight and approval of asset-level project progress and delivery.