Incident & Safety

Respond effectively to incidents based on a live and collaborative single version of the truth based on a tailored workflow to support your investigation approach.

Integrate the incident and near-miss records with your risk picture – don’t miss the warning signs.

  • Use the CGR Mobile App (online or offline) for event reporting with evidence.
  • Build your own customised forms and fields to match your processes.
  • Implement ICAM, 5 Why or bespoke investigation methodologies and workflows.
  • Report in realtime with Incident trend dashboards (lagging indicators).
  • Run Safety Inspections.


Ensure rapid notification of the incident to accountable people and create a single version of the truth for events and immediate response. Capture near misses, safety, environment, and security incidents – they will help you get ahead of the next accident. Link your incidents and near misses to risks and hazards, giving you an integrated safety picture.


Every organisation has its own approach to investigation. CGR Foundation allows you to adopt whatever approach you use (whether ICAM, 5 Whys or other models) and create a consistent framework for your investigation team. Access permissions can be set to manage confidentiality so that the investigation is handled on a need-to-know basis – allowing recommendations and actions to be shared.

Key Features


Safety Observations can be raised and linked to Hazards or Risks, giving warning of potential Incidents.


Easily manage your inspections, inductions, and training by leveraging our Audits & Inspections.


Give staff control with CGRF Mobile App (for iOS or Android) to record information in the office or field.

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“People who are responsible for safety may be tempted to prefer a harmless explanation for what are, in fact, signs of danger.”

— Lord Cullen, author of the Piper Alpha Inquiry

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